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Introduction: There are currently many families in Uganda that are below the poverty line, to the extent that most of them rarely find something to eat each day. A few of these families survive with only one meal a day. The largest number of people in this category include elderly and disabled persons. In addition to being physi-cally hungry, many of them are spiritually hungry – they haven’t heard the great news of Jesus Christ. There are too few people bringing the gospel to these communities. The majority of the elderly and disabled are underserved and lack the ability to work for themselves and provide an income as they are too weak to do so. Ideally, a son or daughter would financially and physically care for their elderly or disabled parents. However, some children pass away at a very young age, others are unemployed or earn very little money to even sup-port themselves and others have abandoned their parents with the hope of someone else caring for them. These conditions have left these people in a vul-nerable state and with little hope for survival.

Knowing of the despair, Face of Hope International (Uganda) extended sup-port to 50 families. The good news of Christ was brought to these families as meals were provided for Easter Sunday and Monday. Hope was restored.

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FHI Newsletter May 2014 Issue-1

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