Send a Child to School Posted August 23, 2013 by mugabi


Educating a child is the best gift every parent would wish to give to their child. Unfortunately, some children in Uganda have lost either one or both parents to the HIV/ AIDS epidemic, which has left them orphans, hopeless, homeless and in a miserable state. They never get an opportunity to finish school or even to see a blackboard in a lifetime much as many would wish to. They are left with no option but stay around the village, play around, do heavy work and sometimes sleep on an empty stomach. This is the kind of lifestyle an average African child from a vulnerable family leads while not going to school. It takes a village to raise an African child.

For this reason therefore, Face of Hope International- a child care organization in Jinja chooses to stand with children under this category to ensure that they also get an opportunity to go to school. FHI currently focuses on helping the orphan and vulnerable children in Jinja district and the neighboring district so as to restore their lost hope for a bright future. You can as well be part of this wonderful cause as we help send an African child to school.

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